Do Cardio Machines Help You To Lose Weight?

Cardio machines are actually helping many people in many ways, and weight loss is one of the main reason people go to cardio machines. But is it really ok to rely just on the cardio machine without doing any other exercises? No, it is really important to do other exercises because with the help of them you can achieve that goal really quickly. You don’t have to take advice from anyone if you are going for a cardio machine. It is scientifically proven that cardiovascular exercises are really healthy for the heart as they improve muscular endurance and help the heart to function properly. But running or jogging on the treadmill for countless hours per week the best method for cardio exercise and how much are they effective for your weight loss plan.

Disadvantages of not running outdoor:

Many people think that running outdoor is not heathy as it can put a lot of stress on the body which can lead you to joint problems and can also ligaments in the lower extremities. But running outdoor is more beneficial than that of the treadmill. In a research, it is studied that the climate can is really healthy while running and when we are doing it outdoor this can be achieved very easily. On the other hand on the treadmill we cannot get fresh air, it may be helpful in weight loss, but the advantages of outdoor running are more than that of doing it on the treadmill.

Gauging intensity: 

It’s not easy to lose weight you have to work out for hours per week and have to concentrate on your diet, but the most important factor is heartbeat or heart rate. It has to be normal in any condition, a little more can lead you to burn more calories than your desired goal, and low heart rate will not help you to burn them. So how to get your average heart rate simply subtract your age from 220, that will be your average heart rate good for you to burn up the desired calories.

Calories Deficiency:

Burning fat is one of the main factors people do exercise so that they can shed some pounds. Calories deficiency means to burn more calories than you consume so that all excess fat and fat tissues can also burn with that. Treadmill helps us to burn calories but to see the maximum results we have to alter our diet as well. Everyone must consume 1800 calories a day even if you are at diet.

Recommendations For Improvements:

Cardio machines do help us to lose weight, but we need some improvements on it, like our diet and heart rate as well. Running outside once a week can be really helpful, but on the other hand, if you skip your workout just to run outdoor it can kill the motivation and our workout intensity. Plus one advantage of running on the treadmill is that we can do it whenever we want.